Coated Paper

Coated papers are categorized in two ways; by their finish: gloss, dull, silk or matte or by quality (brightness and price): Premium, No. 1, No. 2, No.3, No.4, No. 5. A coated paper with brightness of 88+ is classified as a premium paper. The higher the brightness level, the more light that bounces off the sheet. Most inks are transparent, so the reflected gives the appearance of bright, crisp vivid image. With coated papers, the glossier the finish, the less ink absorption. A finishing layer or coating is applied during the manufacturing process to enhance its finish and printability.

The coating is designed to improve certain characteristics of the paper so that the finished paper product has the properties required for its intended application; this includes its opacity, brightness, whiteness, colour, surface smoothness, gloss, and ink receptivity. Coated papers are divided into categories based on the amount of coating applied; these categories include light coated, medium coated, high coated, and art papers (which are used for high resolution artwork). Coated paper is also sometimes used to refer to paper that is intended for use as a face material and has had an adhesive layer applied.