Dreaming of Entrepreneurship in Dubai? Your Ultimate Guide to Launching a Successful Office paper suppliers in the City of Gold!

Manufacturers and producers play a crucial role in society by generating employment opportunities, producing essential goods, contributing to the economy, and promoting inter-industry connections and technological advancements. The UAE shares this admiration for manufacturers such as the photo copy paper suppliers Dubai and Copy paper suppliers and recognizes the expansion of the industrial sector as a vital objective for long-term economic success. The UAE’s economic diversification plans such as UAE Vision 2021, Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and Dubai’s Industrial Strategy 2030 support this notion. Currently, the industrial sector in the UAE employs over two million individuals, accounting for approximately one-third of total employment that involves companies such as copy paper importers in UAE and paper manufacturers Dubai. The projected growth rates of 51%, 56%, and 34% in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE’s industrial sectors respectively by 2027 indicate the significant potential for investment in this sector. As a result, entrepreneurs from all over the world are attracted to Dubai to establish manufacturing businesses. If you are also interested in setting up a manufacturing company in Dubai, the first step is acquiring an industrial license, which is a fundamental requirement. Begin your journey with us by learning about the process of obtaining this license.

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The major products that are manufactured in the UAE

The UAE has several highly profitable manufacturing industries, such as those producing textile and ceramic goods, bakery products, food and beverages, petroleum products, construction materials, automobile parts, packaging materials, metal components, chemical products, medicine and healthcare goods, electronic equipment and appliances, wholesale paper traders Dubai with paper made in UAE, plastic and polymer items, as well as recyclable products like paper and metal scrap.

The process to obtain the manufacturing business licence in Dubai

The process of setting up a manufacturing business in Dubai’s free zones is uncomplicated and offers numerous advantages. By obtaining a manufacturing license in a Dubai-free zone, you can avoid paying customs duties on machinery and equipment. Initially, starting a manufacturing company may seem challenging, but as you progress through the process of obtaining the license, your goal becomes more attainable. Working with a knowledgeable business setup advisor can make the journey of creating a manufacturing company such as printing paper suppliers in Dubai that are wholesale paper suppliers in UAE as well work even smoother and faster. It is crucial to understand the step-by-step procedure for acquiring an industrial license to operate in the UAE, regardless of the method you choose.

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Eligibility Criteria for Manufacturing Licence in Dubai

  • To qualify for a manufacturing or industrial license in Dubai, UAE, the following requirements must be met:
  • 1. Possess a sufficient commercial space and a valid tenancy agreement.
  • 2. Have a minimum capital investment of AED 250,000.
  • 3. Employ a minimum of 10 individuals such as in that of best paper trading company in Dubai and paper suppliers in Dubai.
  • 4. Produce a detailed report outlining the specific details of your factory, including information about tools, finances, and floor plans. However, this setup is not required for a free zone manufacturing company formation.
  • 5. Conduct a feasibility study and market analysis.
  • 6. Obtain specific approvals from external authorities in Dubai to conduct certain types of business activities such as that of printing paper suppliers Dubai and top paper supplier Dubai within the UAE.

Process of incorporating a manufacturing business in Dubai

Step 1: Identify the appropriate business jurisdiction, determine the suitable locations for the office, warehouse, and manufacturing unit, specify the type of manufacturing activity, decide on the legal entity of the company, and establish its trade name.

Step 2: Obtain the initial approval from the selected jurisdiction.

Step 3: Make a reservation for the business name and obtain the certificate.

Step 4: Lease the commercial space and receive the lease documents.

Step 5: Collect and organize the necessary documents, which may include:

  • A comprehensive business plan that provides detailed information.
  • A trade licence application form that has been completed properly.
  • A design layout of the production plant.
  • A visual representation of the process flow.
  • A list of the equipment and machinery that are required.
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport and visa.
  • Documents attested by RERA that prove the commercial lease agreement.
  • A certificate of initial approval.
  • Evidence of trade name reservation.
  • Any extra approvals that may be necessary, if applicable.

Step 6: The completed trade licence application, together with all the necessary documents, should be submitted to the relevant authority handling the chosen jurisdiction.

Step 7: Submit the necessary payment for application fees and retrieve the industrial license once it has been issued.

Step 8: Begin with recruiting a minimum of 10 employees such as that of paper manufacturing company in Dubai and office paper suppliers UAE.

Step 9: Submit visa applications – for both yourself and your employees, as well as for your family members and dependents.

Step 10: Establish a corporate account with a bank located in Dubai.

Step 11: Acquire business insurance, obtain the necessary equipment highlighted in the plan, secure inventory, and commence operations.

Step 12: Take part in trade fairs as a means to promote and display your products and to connect with reliable wholesalers, distributors, exporters, dropshippers, and suppliers to access the UAE market.

With the growing globalized business environment, it has become crucial for countries, including the UAE, to expand their manufacturing and trade activities involving paper importers in UAE. The UAE is fully aware of the advantages it can gain by enhancing its manufacturing sector.

Although the Emirate will continue to rely on the oil sector for an extended period, its reliance is slowly diminishing, and the proportion of oil in the UAE’s GDP will decrease progressively.

Leading Emirates for Manufacturing Industry in UAE

In recent years, the growth rate of storage and transport has been higher than that of manufacturing, and it is expected that by 2025, the sector will contribute 25% to the UAE’s GDP.


By 2030, Dubai is projected to achieve a industrial growth of US$ 16.1 billion and generate 27,000 new specialized job opportunities including the manufacturing sector with the presence of photo copy paper suppliers Dubai and copy paper suppliers. Dubai’s government has taken proactive steps to encourage, nurture, and maintain a thriving manufacturing industry in the city.

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The government has outlined 75 initiatives under Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 aimed at transforming Dubai into a global center for innovation based on knowledge and sustainable industrial activities.

The Dubai Industrial City is a specialized area exclusively designated for industrial and manufacturing activities.

Why Are Manufacturing Companies in Dubai Best to Set Up?

Here are several reasons why Dubai is considered the ideal destination for establishing a manufacturing business.

  1. Location and Connectivity – With its advantageous geographical position, this place boasts a strategic location that can be easily reached through two international airports that facilitates the trade done by copy paper importers in UAE and paper manufacturers Dubai. It serves as a pivotal hub connecting the Eastern and Western markets, perfectly situated to bridge the time zone difference and facilitate round-the-clock connectivity.
  2. Dubai serves as a nurturing hub for exceptionally talented individuals, both locally and globally, who are ambitious, forward-looking, and highly skilled in engineering, innovation, and technology. It attracts individuals seeking a conducive and fulfilling environment to further advance their careers and make a positive impact on the world such as that of the wholesale paper traders Dubai and the paper made in UAE.
  3. The wealth of foreign direct investment and favorable policy choices have greatly propelled Dubai towards a trajectory of attaining comprehensive and sustainable growth, rooted in innovation and heightened efficiency.
  4. Dubai has a diverse and well-developed consumer base, making it an ideal location to launch and expand operations across the wider Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.
  5. The Department of Economic Development, along with the Dubai Export Development Corporation and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, play a crucial role in providing government support.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, a growth and diversification initiative, has been initiated by the Emirate to enhance the growth of nonoil sectors. The manufacturing industry involving printing paper suppliers Dubai and wholesale paper suppliers in UAE is expected to gain advantages from this move away from oil dependency.

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Abu Dhabi offers investors a diverse range of opportunities across various major manufacturing sectors.

  • Metals are utilized as construction materials and in the manufacturing of non-metallic mineral products. Petrochemicals and chemicals are also produced and used in various industries. Pharmaceuticals play a crucial role in healthcare. The production of food, beverages, and consumer goods is essential for meeting daily needs. Aerospace and defense equipment are crucial for national security and defense purposes. Additionally, industrial equipment is used in various sectors to enhance productivity and efficiency for the best paper trading company in Dubai and paper suppliers in Dubai.

In addition to this, Abu Dhabi has effectively created a variety of industrial zones that offer top-quality infrastructure and logistics facilities, alongside convenient accommodations for laborers, in order to foster the growth of the manufacturing sector.

Challenges and Risks for Manufacturing Companies in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is encountering several challenges related to the expansion of the manufacturing industry within the Emirates. Some of these issues are outlined below.

  1. The lack of skilled labor is often identified as a significant challenge faced by numerous manufacturing companies such as the printing paper suppliers Dubai and top paper supplier Dubai. The primary concern lies not in finding qualified personnel in general, but in finding qualified personnel within the local area.
  2. Although input costs, in general, may not be the primary concern, certain input items could pose a challenge to competitiveness due to their selected costs. The rise in power prices can significantly impact industries, especially those heavily dependent on power as a crucial input in their production process.

Future – What Lies Ahead for the Manufacturing Companies in UAE?

Apart from the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, the Government of Dubai, UAE, has implemented various measures to foster growth in the manufacturing sector such as paper manufacturing company in Dubai and office paper suppliers UAE, indicating its positive progression in the country. To gain an understanding, here are a few instances of initiatives undertaken.

UN’s 2030 Agenda

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), alternately referred to as Global Goals, consist of a collection of 17 goals that strive to enhance the quality of life for everyone. Among the objectives outlined in the SDGs is the inclusion of Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure within the Agenda.

The primary objective of this initiative is to construct robust infrastructure, facilitate inclusive and sustainable industrial growth, and encourage innovation.

Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030

The Economic Vision 2030 of Abu Dhabi outlines plans to develop strategic sectors of the industry including the paper importers in UAE that can attract both domestic and international investments, particularly in industries focused on exports, such as manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation, tourism, and energy.

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